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Theocratic Ministry School

The Theocratic Ministry School app was created to simplify the work of the School Overseer in carrying out their duties. Theocratic Ministry School allows for an editable list of all students enrolled in the school.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

In the Counsel Form you can enter all the details of the student and update the exercises on which to work on and enter the date when the exercise is completed.
Schedule offers the opportunity to see the weekly program of the school for the entire theocratic year.
You will have the opportunity to directly make your school program and enter the names of the students.

iOS 8.1

You can enter notes for every talk and calculate with a stopwatch the time taken for every talk.
You can then save everything and record it for additional views.
You can also access the school program in seven languages, with a simple switch.

Staying in the app you can access the Benefit from Theocratic Ministry School book in PDF.

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Without ever leaving the app you can have control on it: the material discussed, time and advice on the exercise that the student has to work on.

You can also access the web page of the Watchtower Library Online to view the sources of the material of the week (page requires internet connection).


iPhone 7s


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