Thoughts Around Me | Best Apps and Games 17 January,2019

Thoughts Around Me

Ever wanted to know what people around you were thinking ?

No sign ups, no accounts – just download, launch and you are ready to join the conversation completely anonymously.

Thoughts around me lets everyone share exactly what they are thinking, breaking down the barriers of age, gender, status, race and so many others.

Want to see what people are thinking in a certain part of the world ?
Use the map to change location and start a conversation anywhere.

Thoughts Around Me supports multiple fonts and formatting options as well as live animated GIFs in the feeds and comment sections.

Share thoughts and comments via Facebook, Twitter or Messages – TAM generates an image of the content to make it easy to share.

Speak freely and liberate yourself.

* Polls: Users can now vote and comment on polls

iPhone 7s

* Opt in/out of notifications for all thoughts
* Revamped notification centre
* More user icons

corey hart


* Greatly optimised performance and bug fixes

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