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Ask any question and receive 50-100 responses from real people in just a few minutes!

Get feedback, help others with your opinion, and start a conversation…instantly.

The Joy of Thumb:
– Get instant feedback from the Thumb community
– Feel good helping others by giving your own opinion
– Converse one-on-one with people that share your opinions
– Easily filter by topic, etc. to get relevant responses and new content

The Press (on The Joy of Thumb):
– “Thumb’s average usage is currently 2nd only to Facebook’s” – TechCrunch
– “Thumb is so hot, it’s twice as addictive as Pinterest” – VentureBeat
– “Angry Birds-like addictive” – Portfolio
– “Highly addictive” – Mashable
– “The immediacy is striking” – GigaOm
– “Dead simple” – The Next Web

Other Thumbers (on The Joy of Thumb):
– “This app is like crack. I want more!!”

mackenzie lueck

– “It’s like Facebook, but better; I can’t stop!!”
– “I love this app, It’s better than tumblr and instagram! Pure awesome!”
– “I’ve met so many great people and made so many new friends!”


– “More addictive than cocaine!!!”
– “It’s like crack. You have been warned.”


iPhone 6s

– “This is more addictive than smoking.”
– “No app has affected me like this one. I can’t put it down, seriously.”

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