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Show messages to anyone in your line of sight!
Perfect for when you can’t talk or be heard.
Great in loud bars, concerts, sporting events, churches, libraries and more!

TickerTalk lets you write unlimited messages, save them, and display them to anyone on your iPhone / iPod / iPad.

Now you can message anyone without having to know their phone number or social ID.

Messages scroll across your screen like a stock or news ticker. Control the speed, color, font, and size of your messages.

Animate transitions between 2 different messages – your own personal message board. Easily control the transition timing, style and duration.

Pass ‘notes’ to your friends, communicate with that car next to you, or use the Mirror option for the car in front of you.
(NOTE: Do not use TickerTalk while driving – be safe! Have a friend do it for you.)

Special features:
* FAST! Start TickerTalk and double-tap any message to play.
* EASY! All message settings are in one simple screen.
* AUTOPLAY Play a selected message at startup automatically!
* STILL display – show your entire message in one non-moving screen.
* Animate transitions between messages.
* Scroll reverse/backwards to be read in a (rear-view) mirror.
* Use any font available on your device.
* Includes 27 FREE LED/LCD/Fun fonts.

iPhone 6 Plus

* Scroll left-to-right or right-to-left to fit your language.
* Swipe to change speed while displaying.
* Double-tap to mirror the message while playing.
* Multiple Settings for each message:
**** Color
**** Font
**** Size
**** Speed
**** Direction

miss universe australia 2019

**** Mirror
* Uses the same interface on the iPhone / iPod/ iPad

Use any font on your device instead of a bunch of dots. (Like the dots? We’ve included a Dot Font too – we just don’t force you to use it…)

– Added ability to allow audio play-through. Running the app will not longer stop music or other audio from playing.

iPhone 7 Plus

iOS 8

– Added TellAFriend sharing

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