TidyScan | Best Apps and Games 22 September,2018


TidyScan is a Document Storage and Retrieval App.

Scans single and multi-page documents.
Handles Business Cards, Documents, and Receipts as well as other document types.
OCR Text recognition.
Exports Receipts to CSV, OFX, QIF, and TXF.
Exports Business Cards to Address Book.
Custom Search allows you to search on specific fields.
Custom Reports.

MacBook Pro

Edit Images.
Edit PDFs.
Create Folders to file documents.
Drag and Drop existing documents with Finder as well as Import and Export.
Three views: Icon View, List View, and Detail View.

Added new icon and graphics.
Increased the preview resolution for new items.
Added autosave after every scan or import.
Standardized menu items and Preferences.
Added menu item shortcuts.
Added autocomplete to text fields.
Added Quick Look.



Added Undo support.
Fixed word wrap issue on reports.
Added Tool Tips to buttons.
Fixed initial zoom on Icon View.

Improved Custom Search – more intuitive with larger fields.
Added PDF Support Information to website including Automators.

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