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Time Clock+

+++ This app requires you to purchase a license. Download the app and you are granted a free 1 week test period!

Designed for employers to keep track of their employee’s work times. Time Clock+ is a very simple-to-use but powerful app which allows you to use your iPad as a time recording terminal. Simply create your employees, start time recording and lock your screen: It’s that easy to turn your iPad into a mobile time recording terminal. To clock in and out your employees simply need to sign on your iPad using their finger.

Local vs. Online storage
• You have the option to choose between local storage (employees and time records are saved on your iPad) and online storage (all data is stored online)
• Online storage allows you to use several iPads e.g. if you are running several businesses
• A purchased Time Clock+ license is valid on all devices connected to your account
• Online storage users can also download the Time Clock+ Admintool App for their iPhone and iPad or go to time-clock.de/admintool to access and manage their data on the fly

Time Clock+ offers you a whole lot of amazing features:

iPhone 6s Plus

• Simple recording of work times
• Save your employees along with a portrait


• Employees just need to sign on your iPad to clock in and out
• You can easily analyze recorded times and export them as CSV e.g. for Microsoft Excel or as PDF to mail or print them for your files
• Use guided access to turn your iPad into a time recording terminal and to protect your private data and other apps
• With just one click you can show your employees time records in a weekly chart
• Use employee passwords so your employees can only see their own booked times

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• The password protected admin mode lets you create analysis and modify or delete booked times

The Pro version of Time Clock+ offers you:
• Create individual employee QR codes which you can print on business cards or similar. Your employees only need to scan their QR code with the iPad’s front camera to clock in and out instead of signing. Time Clock+ has never been easier to use.

More information is available on:

• Minor bugfixes and improvements

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