Timeline and Friends Activities Watcher for Facebook | Best Apps and Games 20 September,2018

Timeline and Friends Activities Watcher for Facebook

Feel bored? Do you like to improve Watch Features? This App is for you.
Read your Facebook Timeline directly on the Apple Watch.

1) Start the application in the Smartphone
2) Login inside the Smartphone

iPad Air 3

3) Push it in background


4) Enjoy in your Apple Watch

– Scroll the page up and down with your finger and digital crown
– Auto Refresh in background (keep the application open on the smartphone)
– Facebook optimized
– Manual Refresh
– Push notification when page is updated

Please enable the pushnotification to allow the application work in background.

grant robicheaux

Also if you cannot update the application in background please restart it from the phone

If you would like to have a full browser on your watch please check for my other app.

Fully rewrite to support Watch OS 2

Steve Jobs

Improved performance and reliability

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