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Timely – Time Teller

"It’s super helpful!"

"Surprised nobody built this sooner!"

"I bought it for the gorgeous icon alone"

Stop worrying about what time it is. Know the time without having to look at a clock.

Clocks used to chime. Watches used to beep. Now, a computer you can fit in your pocket is able to audibly tell you the time whenever you want it to.

Timely is the most intuitive, feature-full time announcement app in the App Store.

Ever lost track of time?
Ever had to pull out your phone to check the time in a meeting?


Ever been late?

Put an end to such madness!

Get Timely now.

CUSTOM TIMES – Be told the time at regular intervals AND at specific recurring times.

REAL HUMAN VOICES – Professionally recorded for your listening enjoyment. You can choose from a man, a woman, or a really cute toddler.

FUN SOUNDS – Chime, Lasers, or an annoying (in a good way) Rooster.

ON/OFF SWITCH – Easily turn off notifications temporarily.

MULTIPLE ACTIVE ALERTS – Set different alerts, sounds, and times to all be active together.

FROM & UNTIL – Set the time window you want to receive a specific alert. Example: Getting ready for school or work? Set an On the Quarter Hour alert from 7:00am – 8am to stay on pace.

– The app doesn’t have to be opened or even running in the background to tell you the time.


– Set it and forget it.
– Will vibrate if ringer switch is off.
– No perceptible strain on the battery.


– Fully accessible for those with visual impairment.

Timely is an improvement on the clock. You don’t have to remember to look at a clock. You don’t have to wear a clock on your wrist anymore. Right when you’re wondering what time it is, Timely will tell you.

Download Timely today so you can stop worrying about what time it is.

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