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TimePrep for CFA Level 1 Exam

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*Waiting for CFA 2015 materials to update for June 2015 exam**

TimePrep is an intelligent strategy and time management solution for the CFA® Level 1 Candidates!

Set it up in a matter of minutes and you’re ready to go!

Do you have difficulties organizing your study process? Does it feel hard to grasp the amount of time necessary to finish your CFA Level 1 prep? You feel like there’s not enough time left and you don’t have control over your study process? Don’t worry, TimePrep is here – right on time!

Did you know that only 38% candidates that sat for the June 2013 exam passed? According to the CFA Institute survey, more than 49% candidates didn’t take the exam due to some kind of time management issue. Moreover, more than 49% of candidates that filed the exam reported that they didn’t have time to solve Mock exams. That’s what TimePrep is all about.

TimePrep allows you to create a learning strategy that is optimal for you and it guides you through each and every study day – what to read, how many problems to solve etc. put in a daily schedule according to your free-time preferences. It doesn’t matter if you already started your preparation, or you’re just about to start – TimePrep fully adapts to your progress and schedule.

Compared to other time management systems, TimePrep starts from specific CFA Candidates preferences (like sequential order of volumes, number of practice problems, various strategy elements, etc.) and offers rescheduling system that is totally applied to CFA Candidates and their learning tasks. No need for spreadsheet modeling, post it or similar tools – take full control over the study process from your iOS device and sync it with your iOS calendar.

* Daily-weekly learning study plan
* Personalized daily learning schedule
* Three fully adaptable strategies
* Rescheduling system for failed events
* Statistics module for tracking progress
* Offers the Worst case scenario strategy

iOS 8.1

* iOS Calendar Sync
* Reminds you of important dates
* Free study tips and exam tips

iPhone 7s

* State of the art design and simple setup

iPhone 6s Plus

* Support for CFA Official curriculum and Kaplan Schweser Study notes

TimePrep has three customizable learning strategies based on the Official CFA curriculum and Kaplan Schweser Study notes, which will effortlessly lead you to the end of your preparation – the only thing you have to think of is focusing on your studying. TimePrep does all the rest.

"From what I can see thus far, it looks like it will be a critical tool for me in my path to the CFA." – J. Ketchum
"Awesome! – This app is the best tool available to organize a CFA Level I candidate’s study schedule and hold the candidate accountable to that schedule." – J.A.Miller

flames vs canucks

"I am very much enjoying the app overall, and have already recommended it to several friends also taking the CFA " – M.A. Taylor

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Bug squashing at its finest:
– fixed a strange bug that didn’t show complete titles of volumes, but only the first topic (readings were all in, only the title in setup was bugged)
– fixed a really strange bug with number of pages per hour on Schweser – thanks Ana!
– other bug fixes and improvements

We’re working the best as we can to give you a great product. Thank you for your great support so far. If you’d like to contribute to TimePrep development, please take a minute and rate the app after updating on the App Store. Thanks

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