TinyAlarm | Best Apps and Games 13 March,2019


TinyAlarm is simple, comprehensive and has:
* multiple alarms all conveniently located in your menubar
* alarms of secs. mins. or years
* 4 kinds of sounds for alerts
• user recordings
• users music
• system sounds


• speech systhesis
* fade sound in gently

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

* uses Apple notifications
* remembers previous alarms

All of the configuration is done in the create alarm dialog reached via the menubar. Clicking around should reveal just about everything there is to know about Tiny Alarm. Its simple but powerful.

TinyAlarm is good for when you’re gaming or programming, but still have to get to class. It will also help you avoid missing your bus, or burning your pizza, or showing up late for meetings.

We are updating it often.

– speak alarm title
– play custom audio file
– daily alarm
– repeat alarms at interval
– record sound record/playback
– textual alarm description

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