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Tobii Dynavox Compass

The Compass app is created by Tobii Dynavox, the industry leader in helping connect lives through communication. Compass provides a research-based communication solution for individuals of all ages and abilities who cannot use their natural voice to participate in their everyday lives. Compass was built by our team of leading clinicians, providing you with confidence that you have chosen a reliable pathway to communication success.

With the ability to quickly customize your communication pages, Compass provides all individuals, no matter their age or communication level, the power to communicate with everyone who is important in their life. Containing the largest variety of communication content available in any AAC solution, Compass provides pagesets structured to address the unique needs of individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, aphasia, apraxia, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, ALS, Stroke, and Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as other communication challenges.

In addition to the exciting and dynamic communication options available at your fingertips, the Compass app uses the power of cloud technology to manage and update your communication pages anytime and anywhere. Compass seamlessly connects with your free, personal “myDynaVox” account which gives you access to teaching and therapy supports, the ability to share content between family, therapist, other users, and other members of the support team, as well as backup and restore your communication files.

Features of Compass include:

Clinician-Developed Communication Pagesets:

Multiple communication pageset options are designed to provide a starting place based on age, interest, ability level, and prior experience with communication apps.
All the tools needed for successful communication are included with the support of pre-stored messages, keyboards, core word strategies, whiteboards, and behavior supports.
For literate users, a large collection of rate enhancement methods are provided, including SwiftKey word prediction, phrase prediction, character prediction, slots and fillers, and rapid retrieval of previously spoken messages.
Our integrated core word strategy delivers the vocabulary needed to meet Common Core standards and is structured to build language and literacy skills.
Multiple access methods are supported, including: direct touch, switch scanning, and keyboard.
Designed through extensive research, field-testing, our Stroke & Brain Injury Pageset provides the first comprehensive communication solution designed to address the unique language needs of individuals with aphasia.

Intuitive Setup and Supports:

Setup Wizard quickly guides you to the most appropriate communication pageset that meets your specific needs.
Video supports are available throughout Compass.

iPhone 6s Plus

Planning guides, lesson and therapy activities, and training materials are available with your myDynaVox account.
myDynaVox connects you directly with a community of clinicians, technical experts, and peers for help and support.

Symbols, Multi-media, and Voices:

Symbol-based communication support utilizes PCS™ symbols, the industry’s most widely-used symbol set.
Digital photos and images can be added to personalize communication through the use of the built-in camera on your iPad.
Compass supports male and female TTS voices from IVONA.

Connectivity and Content Storage:

Free cloud based technology support, myDynaVox, comes with our app, providing access to back-up, restore, and share customized pages between the entire support team, through an internet connection.

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*Does not include WordPower*

*iPad 1 currently not supported*

Release Notes – Tobii Dynavox Compass, Version 2.2.0

New Features and Enhancements for Compass Software

iPad Pro

– Native and Acapela voices are now available to the Compass software.
– Images are scaled to the size of the button (or other object) when added. This improves page load speed and reduces
the file size of the content.

NavBar Pageset and Stroke & Brain Injury Persona Pageset

Changes to Existing Content
– Topic pages can now toggle between Visual Scene and Grid layouts, preserving content changes.
New Topics settings
– Enable/disable Topics in the toolbar

taco bell hotel

– Change Page Layout (Visual Scene or Grid)


– Enable/disable Topic Word button (applies to all pages that have the Topic Words button)
– Scripts now swipe if there are multiple pages. Paging buttons appear as needed.
– Bug fixes.
New Core Settings
– Color Code Words
– Layout improvements
– Added phrase prediction button to all of the prediction keyboards
– Enable/disable Next Letter Prediction
Language Content
– New topics for NavBar Pageset: Advocating, Arguing, Asking for Help, Crimes, Dating, Directing My Care, Job Coach, My Feelings, Planning, Presentation and Sexuality
– New topics for Stroke & Brain Injury Persona Pageset: Advocating, Arguing, Asking for Help, Choices, Crimes, Dating, Planning, Presentation, and Football.
– Numerous grammar and spelling fixes

New Additions
Dashboard (replaces Whiteboard on the toolbar)
– Photo Stories layout has been replaced by Photo Albums
– New Games: Target Practice, Wack-a-Mole, Concentration, Matching, Word Scramble
– Improved calculator math functions
Added Support for Send To functionality.
– Accessible from Word Lists, Topics Words, Core, Keyboard, and Message History.
– Potential Send To locations: Keyboard, QuickPhrases, Last Topic, Apps, Trash.
Important Scripting/Design Changes
– All appearance and layout changes are now handled via reconfiguration scripts instead of using PageOpen event.

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