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Toca Boo

BOO! Did I scare you!? My name is Bonnie and my family loves to spook! Do you want to scare them back? Follow me and I'll show you how! SCARE Float around the house and look for the family.
Hide under tables, behind curtains or even duvets.
Search the rooms but stay away from the light or else you'll be seen.
Rattle things, turn on the kettle and make the characters nervous! Can you hear their heartbeat? Great, it’s time to BOO! HUMOR Turn on the disco music and dance, munch on peppers in the kitchen for an extra hot scare, enjoy being invisible and find all the different hiding places – even the toilet! UNIQUE AND MYSTERIOUS DESIGN The simple and beautiful design will easily guide you through the world of Toca Boo.


Fall in love with the 6 different characters and explore all the details of the big, mysterious house.
FEATURES – Big house to explore with 2 floors and 6 rooms! – 6 family members to scare – Hidden surprises around the house – Get bigger scares by eating things! – Interact with objects in the house – Beautiful, original artwork – Open-ended play with no rules or stress – Kid-friendly interface – No third-party advertising – No in-app purchases Toca Boo is made for kids as young as 4 yet can capture excitement of those much older.

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It's filled with surprises – there are no limits, just fun! Come play!

– Tweaks and bug fixes

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