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Todoly is a simple, multicoloured yet elegant and easy to use Todo list reminder app. This app works on the principle that sometimes, less is more and thats exactly how the app is structured to get your todo list back on track.

Features include:
– Personalised custom lists of reminders and todos.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Easy to add todo interface.
– Completed list to view your todo from the past.


– Editable lists and todo objects.

– Swipe left to edit or delete todo or list information.
– Tapping on a todo will bring up more information.

kirk cousins


– Tapping on a list will take you to the list enclosed.

Future updates:
– Set reminders on todos to be reminded when and where you like to complete a task.
– iCloud and iPad support. (Maybe even a Yosemite app in the late future)

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