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ToDoMatrix is a capable and flexible task management system.


FREE version is limited to 6 folders & 30 tasks, perfect for casual use. In-app upgrades remove limits, add delegation, nested subfolders, more alerts, and user-programmable dimensions for GTD, Covey, and other time-management methods.


ToDoMatrix helps you get and stay organized so that you get more of the best things done. Juggle lots of projects no matter where you are. Never miss a commitment with flexible alerts. Stay calm and focused on the tasks that matter most.

ToDoMatrix is the premier task manager on the BlackBerry® platform, rewritten and enhanced for the iPhone. ToDoMatrix for iPhone combines more than 5 years of business logic development, evolution, and customer feedback with Apple’s excellent touch environment.

ToDoMatrix now offers in-app upgrades from the Free version to the Lite, Essential, or Professional versions. Both Essential and Professional version offer unlimited tasks and folders. Consult the app for version specifics.


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Time is our most precious resource. It is far easier to get more money than it is to get more time. How well you invest your time will determine how well you do, not just financially but in all aspects of success.

Learning how to best manage and invest one’s time is a key skill a person must perfect if he or she wants to make this year the best, most productive, yet. Adopting a great task management system and building excellent process habits is a big step in the right direction.

Task management is better suited for smartphones than full-sized computers. Having your trusted system always with you as things happen, in your hand, changes everything. Life doesn’t wait for you to boot up your laptop.

Plan your time in advance to reclaim control of your day. Our real-time, noise-filled world keeps you busy on tasks and activities that will not matter next week or next month. By planning your tasks in advance, you take control of your day, become empowered to say “no” to the trivial and make important advances instead.

Focus on what’s important today and concentrate on the task at hand. An excellent system helps break projects into small, crystal-clear tasks. It then presents only the tasks that matter here and now. Apps that offer you long lists reduce productivity and contribute to stress. Concentrate on the present and don’t review stuff that belongs to another day.

Lastly, your tasks system must never lose your data. Software costs very little when compared to the time that goes into getting organized, staying organized, and developing plans. What’s your time worth? $100 per waking hour? $300? If lost, recreating your plan costs a lot.


Task management excellence encompasses more than keeping long lists. Please print our white paper at – customers say it really helps them implement a better system and saved them lots of time.


1) ToDoMatrix enables "always within arms reach" availability of your task management system

2) Offers a well-thought-out process that combines best of breed elements from GTD® (Getting Things Done®), Franklin Covey®, and REXwireless – read our white paper at

3) Simple to use, yet grows with your needs as you get more sophisticated in your approach

4) Offers a number of views, so that you only see relevant tasks at the right time or place

5) Always keeps your data safe with complimentary AES-256 encrypted wireless backup and restore

6) Five+ years of evolution and fine-tuning

7) Organized by drawers, folders, and nested sub-folders, it keeps you organized by project, but able to view tasks from different perspectives

8) Offers optional browser web*access to your data

9) User programmable dimensions allow you to modify and create your own "system"

10) Track assignments with delegation views

➤ Screens are updated to take advantage of the larger iPhone 5 display.
➤ A "+" button is now available when selecting many items, to allow creating and selecting a new item.
➤ Full screen editing is supported when using an external keyboard.


➤ Text being entered is no longer wiped out by an incoming alert.

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➤ The 5-minute option when setting time of day now works properly.

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