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toovoip – No Roaming!

toovoip is the best app for calls to all land and mobile lines over the internet. Save up to 90% for local and international calls with best voice quality. You only need an internet connection: WiFi, 3g or LTE.

Where can I use toovoip?
It’s very simple: everywhere. Abroad and at home.

Advantages of toovoip:
* Call to fixed and mobile lines in over 200 countries worldwide, from 1 Cent/Min.
* The person you call does not need any mobile phone, internet or app.
* Contacts from your iPhone’s phone book will be imported.

iPhone 6

* Your phone number will be sent with your call.
* Send SMS in over 200 countries worldwide, also from abroad.
* Data security – no access from third parties.
* No additional SIM card needed, you can always be reached on your phone number.


* Credit never expires.

Use toovoip while being abroad:
* No roaming costs worldwide
* Call Family and friends at home spontaneously.
* Call local land line and mobile numbers.
Book a table at a restaurant while on holiday? Book a rental car or hotel room? Call family and friends at home?
Make phone calls abroad with toovoip without any expensive roaming costs.

Use toovoip at home:
* Make local calls, i.e. when you have a bad cell connection.
* Local calls are often cheaper than with your mobile carrier.

No risk – test now with free test credit!

If you have any questions or feedback, contact us at
[email protected]

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The biggest update yet with lots of new features and improvements:

* Improved call quality (WiFI, LTE and 3G)
* Add new contacts within the app
* Contacts from the member area on are now automatically added to the favorites in the app
* Send worldwide SMS, also abroad
* Facebook login and signup

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* Change the app language in settings
* Logout option
* New look and name

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