Toy Army | Best Apps and Games 17 April,2019

Toy Army

Commanding your army man in this base attack and defense war game that mixes intense strategy action – Toy Army. Recruit and upgrade a variety of powerful plastic soldiers and heroes, and build up a defensive base of your own. Use tactics to deploy your troops with different formations to swipe out the evil boss, and fight against the evil boss to the death in the name of glory.

Key Features:
1. Stunning graphics, taking you back to your childhood


iPhone 6s Plus

2. A very unique experience
– The bedroom, kitchen and living room become your battlefield
– Home appliances and furniture become your buildings
– Fight with your favorite childhood toys
3. Tiny Toys, Great Warfare
– Construct and upgrade different buildings to develop your domain
– Recruit toy soldiers, air strikes, and vehicles to form your troops


– Deploy your troops with tactics to overcome the strong
– Arm your heroes to the teeth with equips strengthened
– Train and upgrade your heroes to rise above the competition
– Level up your honor medals to grow your heroes’ attributes
4. Fight with players from all around the world in Global Arena
5. Join a legion where you can make friends, co-op with legion mates, and grow all-strong

iPhone 7s

6. Share strategy with players worldwide in real time by world chat and legion chat

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