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Train Runner

Take a midnight run from train car to train car in this awesome platformer!

Can you jump from the engine to the caboose?

This amazingly cool platform game will challenge you to run from the top of one train car, jump, and run down the next. The challenging and dynamic conditions of each car will push your free running game skills to the very edge of sanity. Be sure to avoid running into obstacles like bats and railroad security or it’ll be game over! Running down the line is just as cool as the background graphics of the night sky that contrast with the silhouetted locomotive and cars of the train. Awesome and challenging gaming wrapped up in an amazingly fun game app! Train Runner: Try it and play the fun!

Train Runner Features:

· Free fun running game
· Cool graphics and awesome physics
· Easy-to-use game tapping puts you in control

iPhone 6 Plus

· Free running game that is fraught with fun and danger

iPhone 7 Plus

· Professionally designed game with expertly created content

iPhone 6

· Train Runner is a great platform game for all ages and play styles

Challenge your gamer friends and buddies and see who can run and jump the furthest! The easy-to-use controls and excellent physics makes it an easy game to play and a difficult one to master!

Try Train Runner and jump into action!

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