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Travel Buddies

Travel Buddies is the social network for people who love to travel. Find a travel buddy for your trip with the same travel plans and interests.
Used in over 170 countries it’s the best place to find a travel partner.


You can search for people heading to the same town or city, find people already in a place you’re travelling to, or find members nearby.


Communicate via instant chat, integrated email or post a message on the Public Wall for help and advice. There’s a dashboard showing the latest information, events and photos people have posted and you’ll even be automatically matched to people with the same travel plans as you. Upload your photos as you travel and share your recommendations for the best places to visit.


If you’re a scuba diver filter your search by other members that have the same qualifications such as PADI or SSI.
Download the app now and join a global community of travellers on the worlds best social networking site for people on the move.

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