Trigger – The things you want to read, first. | Best Apps and Games 25 February,2018

Trigger – The things you want to read, first.

The things you want to read, first.

First in Time – You get the news, 43 minutes before it starts trending. We’ve calculated that Trigger brings you the news almost an hour before other aggregators, without sacrificing relevance.

First Amongst Friends – Start the conversation. Do you love asking your friends "Have you read this yet?" Trigger’s "overlooked" feature finds the things your friends haven’t read but should.

First in Flexibility – We know you don’t want to read the same stuff during the day as you do at night. Trigger matches your mood at the flip of a switch.

There’s a lot of content on the internet. Trigger is our way of cutting through all that noise. Trigger hand-picks the best sources and uses a "social momentum" curation algorithm so you get only the good stuff. Browsing is easy with our intuitive, elegant interface and zero-second load times.

What are you waiting for? It’s free! No catches, just great content and great conversations.

1. Twitter analyzing feature added
2. Day/Night switch feature added

iPhone 6s Plus

3. Country added : Taiwan
4. 0 sec loading feature added

オリンピック メダル

5. User profile reading graph added



6. Spotlight feature added

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