Tring: Low-cost calls | Best Apps and Games 11 January,2019

Tring: Low-cost calls

Call any mobile or landline at extremely low rates over your high-speed Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G).

Why Tring?
* Friends don’t need to download the app to receive calls
* Same caller ID – Friends see your regular number when you call
* No roaming charges – Rates are always the same


* No monthly commitment – you pay-as-you-go

For users in the US
* Domestic calls at 1.7c/min (Mobiles and landlines)


* International calls at rates starting from just 1.2c/min

For users in India
* Domestic calls at 59p/min (Mobiles and landlines)
* International calls starting from just 13p/min

Your first call is FREE!

iPhone 6s

Download Tring now and make your first call for free. No credit/debit card required for the free call.

For a superior calling experience, we recommend using a Wi-Fi or high-speed 3G/4G connection.
Calling over a 2G network is not supported.

Facing any issues or have any feedback?

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We would love to listen and help! Please drop us a mail at [email protected] before you leave a poor rating. We want you to have the best calling experience possible.

– (For Indian users) Recharge credits via a simple in-app purchase
– General performance improvements and fixes

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