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Truth Or Dare app

Are you ready to get turnt up, twerk and crazy? Make your house party lit and unforgettably hot with Truth or Dare. Chilling with family, hanging with friends or significant other, you’ll forever remember these moments. Push beyond limits, smile, laugh and fall in love with unseen hottest questions. Step outside of your comfort zone with Truth or Dare and be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

INSANE COLLECTION of the Craziest TRUTH and DARES entertainment for 2017.

iOS 8

What makes our Truth or Dare game special is the freshest and best set of unique questions we worked so hard on. There is fun for everyone, from kids to extreme dirty questions for those crazy sexy house party nights!

Truth or Dare goes further into the classic question social game. Our truth or dare questions are not only good truth questions, or creative dare questions or funny dares, they are indeed something unseen! Try us, you’ll see that your hanging out and having fun with your friends, family or partner will become even more fun and amusingly exciting.



Don’t ever get bored again with our Truth or Dare questions. Your trips and meetups will be filled with funny dares, funny truth or dares questions or even great dares for kids that will make their time spent with family unforgettable. Find out more about your lover or your best friend with our tricky questions and say good bye to monotony and boredom.

Whether you are a kid, teen or adult, it’s best for you. This addictive edition is fine for girls & boys, including family and all lifestyles. You can play as a couple ( gf / bf ) and as a company between a group. Just don’t forget to turn on random shuffle for completely unpredictable and unique fortune.

This is not just another casual popular gameboy or dice game – don’t compare apples and oranges because there is no word to describe this crazy entertaining app. Forget spin the bottle, this is the what if and truth-seeker experience for the digital age. Your pocket party starter and icebreaker anywhere, anytime: relaxing with family, after dark at home, birthday party, night lounge club, with friends, crazy bachelor / bachelorette party, chilling at the neighborhood park, sleepover weekend, hot tub or in summer by the pool, you name it (NSFW)…

Truth or Dare app features:
– Share anything over everything (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp etc.). Play through messaging with friends or your significant other.
– Game modes: Kids, Teens, Extreme dirty, Custom cards, Random questions.
– Unseen and ultra-fun funny dares for all ages and groups including hipster kids, urban teens, kinky / classy ladies and gentlemen.
– Highly customizable in any language to be your own insane party / flirt / humor / love innovation.
– Drop dead gorgeous interface designs that really entertain with cool sounds.


iPad Air 4

– Sexiest Truth or Dare app for all iOS devices on iOS8, iOS9, to latest iOS10 on newest and older iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.

Have laughs and delight with the classic Truth or Dare, but modernized with updated questions and vibrant feel.

Enjoy many many hours of fun with friends and family with this exciting popular house party game: Truth or Dare.

Get it free & scratch your bucket list!

Headsup: If you fiend and got the true nerve to adventure the craziest / wildest experience, buy into our top in-app purchases for the best features such as extremely sexy and dirty mode as well as custom slips without ads.

TABOO WARNING: Custom cards are not to be wasted for demon like reasons and can be dangerous while drinking, so design your hottest party appropriately. The Extreme insanity (unspeakable situations and sexy exams) is not for tweens but for adults of atleast eighteen years old (18+ or 21). Extreme players should prepare to get loose, carnal, craze, wild, naughty and flirty. Young teens may expect some kisses. Kids you might make friends with your crush.

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