Turkish Keyboard for iPad | Best Apps and Games 16 March,2019

Turkish Keyboard for iPad

Finally an Turkish Keyboard for your iPad!

You can use this keyboard to type emails in Turkish . As you may know the iPad doesn’t come with a native Turkish Keyboard.



iOS 9

Since we included the "COPY" feature in this version you can also use it for:
✓ Web – Browser
✓ Notes
✓ and more…

* You just need to paste the text in the app that you plan to use.
Writing and sending emails in Turkish from your iPad has never been so simple! With this new application, you can now type emails in Turkish right from you iPad and send them to all of your friends and family! It is a very simple application with the purpose to communicate everyone in the Turkish speaking community. This application features a Turkish keyboard with all necessary letters as well as basic punctuation signs. This keyboard has larger letters and keystroke sounds in order to make writing your message easier. We hope all of the community benefits from this project! We are eager to hear comments and suggestions, since we are constantly working in order to improve future versions.


If you need assistance please contact us [email protected]
We will be adding additional apps soon!

iPhone 6 Plus