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TurnCount Lite

TurnCount Lite is the best value in traffic engineering software in the world today! It is designed for the consumer that needs traffic count data information with none of the professional features offered with the regular TurnCount app. It is perfect for the university student, general public and anyone else just needing to know the number of vehicles and pedestrians entering an intersection or traveling along a roadway.

TurnCount works similarly to a traditional turning movement counter board. The user can count traffic with one of two interfaces. One interface, the Hyper Interface, brings an approach to counting traffic that will revolutionize the industry! Vehicles are counted by moving a thumb (or any other finger) in the direction of the vehicle movement. Follow the direction of the arrows or the vehicle path through the intersection. Either gesture works! Pedestrians are counted with a swipe of a finger across the street. Paper and pencil or expensive count boards are no longer needed! Visual and audible feedback is provided for each action.

The second interface, the Classic Interface, requires the user to tap a virtual on-screen button for each vehicle movement. This interface is similar to how traditional turning movement counter boards operate. Visual and audible feedback is provided for each action.

A YouTube video demonstration of the TurnCount Lite app is available at the following link.

TurnCount Lite – iPhone and iPod Touch Interface

iPhone 6



Two user interfaces are available to count traffic. The Hyper and Classic Interfaces are provided as noted above.

Screen views are provided only for 4-way intersection configurations. Street names are shown in the view to minimize data collection errors.

Traffic count data is provided in two file formats. An .HTML file is created showing 15 minute bin count data in tabular format for vehicles and pedestrians. The time stamp for each vehicle and pedestrian movement is available in a comma separated value (.CSV) format file for additional analysis in spreadsheet programs. Other traffic studies can be completed when the time stamps are known!

Data output is transferred by email or via the sync cable with the app file sharing feature.




TurnCount Lite provides electronic manual traffic data collection at price affordable for everyone!

For advanced features including truck and bicycle classifications, peak hour factor calculations, etc., buy the regular TurnCount app located elsewhere.

* Update to work for iOS 8
* Undo button added
* iPhone and iPad user interfaces updated

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