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TVGuru – The TV series episode tracking app with syncing

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iPad Air 4

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*** UPDATE 3-10-12: If you are having issues with syncing please update to OS 5.1 and please make sure iCloud is turned on before installing (documents and data must be ‘on’.)

Keep losing track of your favorite TV series? Are you watching "Breaking Bad", or any other favorite series, on Netflix, Hulu, network television, AppleTV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, Xbox 360, PS3, and/or the Wii? Are you trying to keep up with multiple series? Lost track of where you are and which episodes you’ve watched? Want to keep track individually of your whole family’s favorite shows? Wondering when the new episodes will air? Coming back to a show you started watching last year, or when you were a kid? Then TVGuru™ is the app for you!

TVGuru™ is a powerful organizational tool that will get your TV-watching life organized! Simply search TVGuru’s extensive online database for your favorite shows and organize them into folders. After you watch a show, check it off! It’s that easy.

Not sure if you watched that show already? Check out the episode info (available for most shows), read a summary, and then decide if you need to watch that episode. Watched it? Check it off!

Planning your big weekend of TV viewing? Put your must-see hot shows in your ‘InBox’ for instant access to the shows you absolutely positively must watch ASAP!

Own an iPhone, iPod, and/or iPad? Awesome! TVGuru™ is a Universal App with iCloud syncing. Buy it once and sync all of your iOS devices.

– Intuitive interface
– Easy to use. Watched it? Check it off!


– Extensive searchable online database of nearly every show ever made. Past and future airings.

iOS 8

– Universal App. Buy it once; run it on all your devices.
– iCloud syncing. Sync all of your iOS devices.
– Place your highest priority viewings in the ‘InBox’.
– Organize all your shows into folders by user, genre, series, device, or anything!

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