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Twitab for Twitter – Simple and multi-functional app

Simple Twitter client that can Videos and streaming Search

■ The main function
– User stream correspondence that can update a tweet in real time.
It mentions , hash tag also real-time can be displayed.

– Tweet filtering function (Hide RT, Hide RE, Media, 1 or more RT, 1 or more FAV, NG word, etc.) has also been enhanced, it can be easily display only the tweets purpose.

– Correspond to Twitter multiple accounts, you can tweet switch the account instantly.

– Swipe function switch the tab instantly by, you can also customize the tab bar of their favorite Bookmark tab to use well.

– Video only tweet search is also possible. you can easily video playback.

■ app operation Additional Notes
– Switching of account, tap the top right corner of the screen icon.
– Menu displayed in cell length Press.

iPhone 6s Plus

– Bookmark in the title length Press.

■ Function List
– Multi-account


– Tab bookmark
– Timeline
– Mention
– List
– Profile
– Direct Message
– Users stream
– Trend

iPhone 6s

– User Suggestion
– Tweet Search
– User Search
– Realtime search
– Follow request (Recv Follow, Send Follow)
– RT hide user
– Mute user

joaquin phoenix

– Block user
– NG word

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