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Twitepad 2

Twitepad2 is an iPad and iPhone Twitter client that supports multiple user accounts and multiple columns on your screen.

You can have multiple web browsers and Twitter columns open at the same time. So could read other social media news from Facebook or Google+ at the same time.

Twitepad2 is developed from scratch exclusively for iOS5, so it supports all the built-in iOS Twitter functions.

Multiple Twitter accounts:
Twitepad supports a unlimited number of Twitter accounts. We use the Twitter accounts you created on iOS5. So no need to enter your Twitter credentials again. You can start immediately.
However to use Direct Messages, we need to ask for your username and password again. Because DMs are not supported directly by iOS5.

Multiple columns:
With Twitepad you can multiple columns on your iPad screen at the same time (3 for landscape view). if you have more than that just scroll left and right to see the others.


On the iPhone just scroll left/right to view other Twitter columns or web views you have opened

Extensive support of Twitter functions:
We support all the usual Twitter functions you expect, incl. lists, retweet (either Twitter retweet or create a new Tweet with RT:)

Web to Twitter:


You found an interesting article on the web, just tap on the Tweet button, and a new Tweet is created incl. the title of the Web-Site and the link.

Other features:
* You can enable auto-refresh for the columns
* Four design themes: Leather, Chrome, Dark and Basic

iPhone 7

* Sync last unread Tweet via iCloud.

– Support for new Twitter API 1.1
– Bugfixes

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