Tworlds – Two worlds, one moment. | Best Apps and Games 20 January,2019

Tworlds – Two worlds, one moment.

Do you ever wonder if someone else somewhere else is doing or feeling the same at thát very same moment? Tworlds helps you find out by comparing your everyday life anonymously with a random stranger.

It’s a fun social competition. Who’s party is more fun? Who’s baby is cuter? Who’s got the nicer view while drinking a coffee?
Or find the like-minded. Who’s also feeling sad? Who’s also angry? Who also can’t sleep?
But for whatever reason you’re tworlding, you’re discovering the unknown.

Not only your thought or feeling become connected, but the visual moment capturing it all. It’s all about this unprejudiced little moment of connection. So tworld it!

Go to for our whole manifest!

How it works:
* Choose your theme.

iPhone 7 Plus

* Click! (That’s right. No filter! Only the real moment. 🙂
* Tworlds combines the picture with a corresponding moment of a random stranger and spot at that specific same moment somewhere else on our big ass globe.

iPhone 6s

* The combined image (we bombed it the tworld) shows you the countries and cities. No worries, it’s anonymous and not more specific, only to the level of city.
* Keep the tworld to yourself, show it to your friends or share it!


* Look back all your tworlds in the library.

© Antoine Peters 2015