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TypeMetal is a revolutionary visual (WYSIWYG) HTML file editor and WordPress client that’s unlike any other writing tool on the App Store. Designed to be efficiently keyboard-navigable and produce modern, streamlined, professional-grade HTML with exacting precision, it’s both a serious structured writing app and an easy-to-use HTML notepad. Whether you’re a casual HTML novice or a demanding HTML expert who wants to be free to *just write*, TypeMetal will make your content authoring easier & more productive.

In addition to working with standard HTML files, TypeMetal 2 provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for WordPress publishing. Syncing with your WordPress accounts, TypeMetal maintains a complete local copy of all your posts, pages, related resources & media items for each site — enabling you to rapidly browse, search, edit, add to, & reference your content, even offline. View & edit posts using your site’s theme, or in a distraction-free "ClearView".

TypeMetal’s core is a custom HTML editing engine not seen elsewhere. TypeMetal presents fully-rendered HTML pages for live editing, and empowers you to inspect, grasp & manipulate your document’s structure directly. TypeMetal understands each HTML page as a tree of live objects, and can perform edits that challenge plain-text HTML source code editors.

“Block Mode” reveals your document’s structure, enabling you to select & manipulate otherwise invisible elements. Create structured documents using nested “section”, “article” & “div” containers, collapse heading-bearing containers to view pages in outline, and drag-&-drop to rearrange blocks.

TypeMetal’s comprehensive keyboard shortcuts keep your fingertips on the keyboard and your mind on your ideas. Navigate your document’s structure, insert elements, and edit attributes, all without having to skip a beat reaching for your mouse. Shortcuts instantly perform common tasks, such as applying emphasis or creating headings & lists. TypeMetal makes linking a breeze, suggesting nearby files and remembering URLs you’ve recently copied to the pasteboard. Any URL in its completion list is just a few keystrokes away.

Copy & paste clutter-free! TypeMetal’s smart cleanup helps you distill clippings of overwrought or broken HTML to the essentials: automatically, as you paste or drag-&-drop. Use Block Mode, the Source Loupe and Path Bar to inspect & refine the results, yielding elegantly minimal markup.

“Snippet sets” help you codify your “class” & “id” naming conventions & consistently apply the resultant styling vocabularies. Leverage HTML’s designed-in semantic extensibility more effectively than ever, preparing your writing to be flexibly, beautifully, & consistently styled using CSS. Share snippets sets easily, via a version tracking system or download, to help your team maintain common conventions. Even constrain authors to a subset of HTML.

Formatting preferences control the appearance of your HTML with powerful simplicity. “Set it & forget it”, globally or per-file, then enjoy the ability to focus on your content and the ideas behind it, freed from the visual distraction of markup syntax & constant temptation to fiddle. TypeMetal puts your writing front & center, eliminating needless distractions, while its engine produces concise, consistently-formatted HTML markup you can proudly publish.

HTML file editing:

Mountain Lion

– Whole-document validation & repair
– Use your own CSS files or one of TypeMetal’s 3 bundled HTML 5-ready stylesheets
HTML DOCTYPEs: HTML 5, 4.01 Strict+Transitional; XHTML 1.1, 1.0 Strict+Transitional
HTML filename extensions: html, htm, xhtml, xhtm, xht, xml, shtml, shtm

Other features:
– Retina-ready UI
– Automatic pretty quote & dash typography
– Image resampling & saving as JPEG, PNG

venezuela vs argentina

– Versatile Copy/Paste

iMac '24

– Text Magnification
– Text Find & Replace
– Check Spelling & Grammar
– Help

User Guide


Fixes for top issues reported by TypeMetal users like you! Email us anytime at "support" at coherencelabs.com, tweet us @CoherenceLabs, or post on the Support Forum on our website to let us know how we’re doing and how we can help you!

New in TypeMetal 2.1.1:

– Fixed a crash that could occur when browsing the menus, after double-clicking a few blog posts/pages to open them for editing.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when invoking "Insert" or "Wrap In…".


– When the selection changes, cancel any pending "Insert" or "Wrap In…" and close the popover, if it’s shown.
– Fixed "Learn More…" tooltips failing to disappear.

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