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Type'n'View Pro

Type’n’View is your all terrain text editor. Ideal for updating your twitter and Facebook status, or if your prefer to send sms or email.

An everyday action such as writing on our device is enriched with an interface that allows viewing our environment on screen while we write a text.

The main two features are:
1. It has a zoom to see the text we are currently editing.
2. Camera activated as a background image on the editor.

The zoom area is its most innovative feature.
This area allows the user seeing and editing text with a font size as big as wanted.
The user can interact with the zoom. Its functionalities are:
– The shown text can be moved left or right.
– The shown text can advance automatically with just one touch.


– The size of the area can be modified by touching and moving up or down.

Advantages of the zoom:

iPhone 7s

– Helps people with low vision
– Ideal in situations where an external lights, such as the sun, reflects on screen making it difficult to read.
– Its easier to use in the dark.

Activating the camera while writing can be very useful in some situations, such as:
– We can see where we are walking while writing or reading.


– A text from an external source can be focused on screen to make easy copying its content.
– We can watch TV or any other thing or person we are watching.

The interface is customizable and different types of font, size, color, background, transparency and we can even modify the color and transparency of the keyboard.

With Type’n’View we can send our text to:
– Twitter
– Facebook
– email

The URL shorteners included in this version are:
– bit.ly


– j.mp
– goo.gl

Join us and send your suggestions:
Twitter: @typenview
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/typenview
email: [email protected]

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