Uforio for Reddit | Best Apps and Games 21 March,2019

Uforio for Reddit

Uforio is a Mac client for Reddit.

– Modern Design. We have created a really convenient, visually attractive and minimalistic interface.
– Organized Feed. All posts are divided by their type (links, pictures, videos, GIFs, texts) for your convenience.
– All content inside. You don’t need to leave the Uforio to see a picture or watch a video. All content is available within the site.
– Work fast. Uforio’s caching system let you work with Reddit much faster.
– Convenient favorite bar. You can save your beloved subreddits on the favorite bar, which is very intuitive and manageable.

Snow Leopard

– Hide already read posts or NSFW-content. You can hide already read posts or NSFW-content to make your work with reddit even more comfortable.

jess and dan

– Coloured comments levels. Each level of comments has its own color. It’s very useful and looking good!


– Synchronization between devices. The information about the posts you’ve already read, your bookmarks and your account settings will be available on all your devices after authorization.

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