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Ultimate Address Book

Ultimate Address Book does so much!

Import contacts from your device: You can import all of the contacts stored on you device and additional information that you define. You can add custom fields to contacts, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and websites.

Password protect: You can setup a password, in the Options section, to make sure you’re the only who can see your data in this app.

Define your own custom fields: Don’t see a field you need in this app, then go ahead and add it yourself! Custom fields can be added to contacts, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and websites. Let’s say you want to store "Spouse Name" on the contact, you can easily add that field. There are 5 data types: None (allow anything), Date, Date/Time, Link, and Number. Date and Date/Time give you a nice popup date scroller to select the date. Link datatype will give you a quick way to get to a website in your browser.

Export your data: Ultimate Address Book includes the ability to email all of the data stored in the app or export to a CSV file. You can select all data or just addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or websites. The data is put in the body of the email and you can email it to yourself or a friend.

Filter Contacts Quickly: your entire list of contacts if the first thing you see when you open Ultimate Address Book. The filter bar allows you to quickly find the person you’re looking for. Tap on the contact and then can quickly navigate to their address, call their phone number, send them an email, or navigate to their website.

Add Contacts to Groups: You have the ability to create groups of contacts, such as Friends, Family, Coworkers, or etc. When exporting data, you can select a group to export or all data. This is useful if you’re building a list for a party or wedding.

Ultimate Address Book can be used as an Agenda, keeping track of business clients, customers, easy way to keep information at your finger tips.

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