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Ultimate Chest Tracker for Clash Royale

An useful app for Clash Royale players to find their chest position in the cycle and more.

With this app you can do lots of things for free such as:
– Track your Chest’s current possible position in the Chest Cycle.
– Predict the upcoming Chest with percentage.
– Remove your previous input Chest.
– Remove all the Chest to start tracking from the beginning.

iPhone 7s

– Generate a code of your current Chest.
– Load code, brings your chest cycle every where.
– The more Chests were added to the app, the more accurate position will be found out.
– Multiple chest trackers for multiple accounts.
– Made with sincerely heart and pure passion.

A quick tutorial:
– When you finished a battle and receive a Chest (Ex: A Silver Chest).

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– Open the app.

iPad Air 3

– Select the Silver Chest, then confirm it.

iPad Pro

– The results of next chest will be displayed. The biggest chest is the one with highest percentage.
– Tap on the "Information" button will list all the possible positions.
– Keep tracking and enjoy!!!

All Chests images, background, popup are belong to Supercell. Thank you so much for creating this awesome game.
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Hope everybody like it.


– Ability to view the whole chest cycle.

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