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Ultimate Fantasy

◆◆Explore the vast world of Ultimate Fantasy, form the ace Hero team, and devote to the heroic Legion battle! Warriors, fight in Arena, step on the top of Ultimate Fantasy!

iOS 8

◆◆Super benefits: reward Enchantress Morgan for 3-day login and Warden Merlin for 7-day login! Obtain daily online gift, acquire daily recharge rebate and abundant events wait for you!

===Media Review===
“the most expected online 3D Legion Battle Mobile Game in 2014”

“Graphics of Steampunk style, pure game masterpiece of Fantasy style”

“An epoch-making change for traditional turn-based battle- the perfect combination of turn-based battle and instant battle on one screen”

===Game Featuring===
◆Territory Combat among Legions—magnificent instant legions battles and real-time operation!
◆Various Heroes—Hundreds of Heroes await for your command to fight for territory and claim your throne!
◆Unique Combat Formation System—Tactic and Strategy for the only winner!
◆Top and Deluxe Fantasy Style—Extremely Gorgeous and Delicate fantasy style bring you the luxuriant 3D graphics for mobile phone!

iPad Pro

◆Massive kinds of gameplay—various instances, fantastic stages and different styles of Boss!


iOS 9

◆During the event for new service opening, Recharge Gift for 1st recharge with double Rebate and reward of the hero, Rainmaker Mary
◆Contact customer service in Limited time, a mysterious and super Gift could be rewarded. Limited gifts like the early birds!

===Contact Us===
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Wechat Public ID: Ultimate Fantasy

New Features:
1.Four higher ranks are available to achieve now. More powerful attributes and new appearance will make you be the top of the world.
2.Outputs in occupied territories become dynamic and more attractive. Tired of occupying fixed territories and securing your vested interests? Now is your chance to move out and always aim for the better yield!
3.Legion Territories have been expanded to 10. Fight alongside your legion members for more rewards and glories.
4.Multiplayer Instance is added in Daily Goal. New way to earn Activeness.

elizabeth holmes

5.Fixed other minor bugs and enhanced some features a bit.

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