Underpass | Best Apps and Games 19 August,2018


End-to-end encrypted chat for complete privacy and security.

Underpass is different from every other encrypted chat app because it does not use a third-party service. It’s just you, your chat partner, and a password. Peer-to-peer. There’s no signup. No account. No phone number, email, contacts, or any personal information requested, not even your real name.

You can chat securely over the internet or on a LAN, such as in an office, school, coffee shop, or home. No plaintext is ever sent over the network, and nobody but you and your partner can decrypt your chat. Industry-standard AES-128 encryption algorithm.

Chat Features:


* File transfers!!!

jonathan davis


* Inline images, including animated gifs
* Unicode text and emoji

An iOS version of Underpass is also under development.

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