UpdateBar | Best Apps and Games 23 March,2020


UpdateBar – the easiest way to post a status update to all the social networking accounts you have, no matter what platform they’re on.

UpdateBar can post to the following social networks:


– Twitter
– Facebook
– Facebook Pages
– Tumblr


– Identica


– Status.net (even your own!)

The number of accounts you have isn’t an issue, just one click and all the configured accounts will update at once.

UpdateBar also possesses the following features:
– Link shortening from is.gd and goo.gl, as well as the ability to enter in your own custom URL shortener


– A handy settings drop-down menu to choose which accounts you wish to post to
– A character counter that can be hidden and counts up, so you can keep track of your blog post length
– Simple drop-down from your menu-bar that doesn’t take the focus away from what you’re doing

Want more info? Send us a tweet – http://twitter.com/updatebar

– Fixed an issue where Twitter may not authenticate properly
– Fixed an issue where you can’t log into/post from Facebook Pages (you may need to delete then re-add your account)
– All connections to Twitter now use SSL

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