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Profoundly improve motivation, influence, leadership, teamwork and workplace results.

Us:Work is a brand new, unique reflective tool designed to deliver outstanding results in the workplace.

It is for people who want:

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– Stronger relationships across organisations
– Improved influence and leadership
– To deliver positive results
– To ‘be the change they want to see’

Us:Work strengthens the individual by:

– Improving influence across teams
– Strengthening troubled relationships


– Enhancing creativity and value
– Improving loyalty, while increasing opportunities and motivation

Us:Work is for teams that want to

– Experience peak performance

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– Bring out the best in each other
– Be more creative and resourceful with people

3 unique features make Us:Work outstandingly helpful at work:

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– Expertise and Philosophy: Based on Martin Buber’s famously robust, simple yet stringent philosophy of relationships, Us:Work has been built for organisations across the profit and non-profit sectors.
– Insight-based actions: Us:Work allows insights about helpfulness and results to be captured so that action is taken every day
– Design: Light, sound, colour, touch, movement and philosophy combine to bring your deepest senses to your thinking, providing insight that helps you to see your relationship and the bigger picture more clearly. You are prompted to act in this light.

What are the best conditions to start using Us:Work?

Us:Work requires your time. For each person you want to think about, you’ll need to put aside around 30-minutes. It’s perfect for a commute, for preparing an interview, for putting your feet up and letting your mind relax.

What doesn’t Us:Work do?

– It won’t help you change anyone else
– It does not provide advice or strategy for changing yourself or the person you are considering, likewise it does not make suggestions of behavioural changes you could make.

Us:Work is designed to help you to access your own expertise. You already have all the answers you need. If you want advice on workplace relationships, explanations, philosophy, or more ‘head’ stuff, this app is not that place. However, you might find it useful to explore these ideas with Us: Work on our social media pages. You’d be very welcome, and our discussions would be richer with your participation.

This app is not an oracle! We hope at the very least that it is an invitation to meet with other people attempting this simple, yet profoundly challenging philosophy.

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