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vМessenger for VKontakte (VK)

Awesome messenger for the social network VK.com

You’ll always have all you need in one simple but functional app!

Main features of the vMessenger:
* Text-To-Speech: you can write messages without typing at all
* Registration in vk.com
* Create & edit chats

iOS 8.1

* Phone’s address book displays contact pictures & companies
* Favorites from your phone’s address book and contacts from vk.com
* Sync your phonebook with vk.com
* People you may know
* Original events sounds from vk.com
* View users profiles
* View profile photos
* Support for iPad, Retina, iPhone 5, iOS 6 devices
* Managed Push
* Instant messaging
* Floating status bar messages for on-offline statuses, writing text and more


* Multiple attachments for messages (photo from camera, photo from album, location)
* VK.com brand style design
* Easy copy & delete messages
* Delete dialogs & chats
* Handy text input field
* Invite to app by sms/email in app
* Changing of avatar
* Contact’s status in lists
* Confirm & decline friend requests
* Manage contacts – add & remove, add to favorite
* Copy profile’s url, open in Safari
* Extended settings
* Save password (optional)
* Display priority for last name and artist

Full version contains:
* Writing to Twitter without wasting time for reading tweet feed
* Autocorrection can be disabled in settings
* Support for secure connection
* National passwords support
* Call & SMS from within the app
* Live complex search in your phonebook by all fields

Fixed message text field bug


Fixed captcha


Restored Push notifications

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