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VaxPhone (Voice Changer Featured)

VaxPhone is a SIP based softphone to dial and receive internet phone calls by using ANY ITSP (Internet Telephony service provider). Find an ITSP on the internet, get SIP account from that ITSP and use it with VaxPhone.

1. Voice Changer-letting you sound like a robot, a chipmunk, a drunk grandpa, a teen boy or someone who just inhaled helium.

2. Dial/receive phone, mobile and voip calls.
3. Multi-lines feature to dial/receive multiple calls simultaneously.
4. Multi-user conference call with multi-lines feature.
5. Receive incoming calls when application is in the background.
6. Call recording.

iPhone 7 Plus

7. Supports Speakerphone and Echo-cancellation.
8. Mute and hold multiple calls simultaneously.
9. Hold and transfer phone calls.

10. Quick-Dial for favorite contacts.
11. Manage multiple SIP accounts.
12. Call history.

13. Selectable ringtones.

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14. iPhone/iPad contacts integration.
15. Supports multiple high and low band voice codecs.
16. Auto network reachability.

VaxPhone is developed using VaxVoIP SIP SDK. This SDK provides an easiest way to develop SIP based webphone, softphone and IVR systems.

+ Added OPUS codec for better voice quality.

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+ More compatible with ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers)

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