vCloud API | Best Apps and Games 11 January,2019

vCloud API

Client to Connect to your vCloud API
With this App you can perform basic workload operations with your iPhone.

Monitor virtual Datacenter Ressources (CPU, Memory)
CPU Limit and Usage

iPad Pro

iPhone 7s

– Memory Limit and Usage
– Storage Limit


Power Cycle your VMs
– Power VMs on and off
– Shutdown or Reboot VM
– Suspend VM
– Reset VM
Create, Delete, Revert Snapshot
– Create Snapshot
– Delete Snapshot
– Revert Snapshot
other Operations


– Mount VMware Tools Installer
– Get Console Screenshot

Tested with VMware vCloud Director 5.1 (iPhone 5s and iOS 7)

added Edge Firewall Management, if a Edge Gateway is available, you can add/edit/delete Rules

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