vCloud API | Best Apps and Games 18 March,2019

vCloud API

Client to Connect to your vCloud API
With this App you can perform basic workload operations with your iPhone.


iOS 8

Monitor virtual Datacenter Ressources (CPU, Memory)
CPU Limit and Usage
– Memory Limit and Usage

iOS 8.1

– Storage Limit

iPad Air 3

Power Cycle your VMs
– Power VMs on and off
– Shutdown or Reboot VM
– Suspend VM
– Reset VM
Create, Delete, Revert Snapshot
– Create Snapshot


– Delete Snapshot
– Revert Snapshot
other Operations
– Mount VMware Tools Installer
– Get Console Screenshot

Tested with VMware vCloud Director 5.1 (iPhone 5s and iOS 7)

added Edge Firewall Management, if a Edge Gateway is available, you can add/edit/delete Rules

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