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Vector Illustration – for SVG Graphic Design Studio

Vector Illustration is the digital design sketchbook of the future. It’s powerful, flexible and smart, so you can go from quick designers to beautiful and precise illustrations in a single app. Enhance your creative capabilities with our infinite canvas, flexible multi-touch shape guides, completely adjustable vector strokes, and the ability to export in powerful formats like SVG or CAD. Once you earn to use Vector Illustration, you’ll never want another sketchbook again. It supports paths, compound paths, text, images, groups, masks, gradient fills, and an unlimited number of layers.

– Photoshop PSD import/export
PDF and SVG import/export
– Advanced path editing options for corner, smooth and symmetric control points, straighten and curve segments
– Text to path conversion

Mountain Lion

– Gradients / color blends
– Layer FX – shadows, glows, multiple strokes and fills, etc.

Mac Pro

– Multi-color linear, radial, and angle gradients
– Shape libraries


– Dimension labels with precision settings
– Boolean operations on shapes, unite, intersect, subtract, exclude
– Freehand drawing, auto smoothened paths
– Boolean path combinations
– Canvas scale, Rulers, and units (mm, cm, inches)
– Pen tool multi-point selection and editing
– Smart alignment guides and point snapping
– Magnifier Loupe
– Autosave
PRECISION TOOLS. Bring the power of CAD to your designs, through multi-touch shape guides, automatic measurements and snap-to design. We’ll do the math for you.
ADJUST ANYTHING. Tap-and-hold any stroke or group to move, stretch, smooth, copy, delete, or change ink weight and color.
INFINITE LAYERS. Seriously. View them without losing context.
POWERFUL EXPORTS. Send high-resolution (300dpi+) PNG, vector (SVG), CAD (DXF), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), and standard formats anywhere.

Layers, Text, Images, Object Groups, Multi-color Gradients, RGB / HSB / Hex color pickers, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable Canvas Styles, Grid and Smart Guide Snapping, Image Masking, vector-based PDF and SVG file import/export, and much more!

– Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching
– Essential set of shape tools
– Multiple Layers allowing you to create complex designs
– Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes
– Color picker wheel / RGB and HSB sliders / Hex colors
– Magnifier Loupe
– Eraser Tool
– Unlimited Layers
– Linear, radial, and angle multi-color gradients
– Multi-style text support, TrueType (.ttf) font import

MacBook Pro

– Text gradients and text path clipping
– Convert Text to Paths, Place Text on Path
– Apply shadows and effects to shapes, text, and images
– Rotate, scale, and shear transform tools
– Snap to Grid, Smart Alignment Guides, and Point Snapping
– Line dash and arrow styles
– Image fill masking and cropping
– Canvas Styles

– Export drawings as vector-based PDF and SVG files
– Export layered Photoshop PSD files
– Export transparent PNG or JPEG images
– Save designs to your Photos Library
– Send designs via email
– AirPrint document printing

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