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Vehicle Logbook – MPG, Maintenance & Services

Vehicle Logbook is a beautifully designed and easy to use app that helps you keep track of fuel mileage and maintenance for your cars, trucks and other vehicles. In the app you can create a separate logbook for each vehicle you want to track. Flip between the covers of each book to see a quick overview of the current status of your vehicles including MPG, recent history and upcoming services that are due. Open a vehicle logbook’s cover to get more detail, look back at your vehicle’s history, and to schedule your vehicle’s services for the future. Anytime you fill up with fuel, enter your cost, gallons and odometer and the app will calculate your fuel economy.

– Beautiful & intuitive interface that looks great on your iPhone/iPod
– Track your fuel mileage


– Track history and schedule vehicle services
– Notifications and badges for due services
– Track spending related to vehicle expenses


– Have separate logbooks for multiple vehicles (up to 15)
– Dropbox online data sync
– Data backup, restore and export
– Keep your license, VIN and purchase info

If you have any problems or have feedback please contact us with any questions by email at [email protected] and we’ll reply.

– Miscellaneous bug fixes

New in version 3.0.3


– Allow manual entry of tank miles
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

New in version 3.0.2
– FIX: Crash on In-app help
– Miscellaneous bug fixes

New in version 3.0.1
– In-app help
– FIX: Crash on iOS 5
– FIX: iOS 7 display issues
– FIX: Rare data corruption issue with some old databases

New in version 3.0


– Sync multiple devices to a single Dropbox account
– 4" display support
– Updated and streamlined book cover design
– Re-designed services and schedule display
– Notifications and badges for due services
– International units support
– Hour meter support
– Configurable efficiency average calculation
– New app welcome tour
– Miscellaneous cleanup and bug fixes

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