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Verizon Content Transfer

Experience the ease of switching phones or carriers using Verizon Content Transfer.
Transfer content from your phone to a Verizon phone using a WiFi connection.
Use Verizon Content Transfer on your source (FROM) phone and download its companion Verizon Cloud app on your Verizon (TO) phone.


The content is restored on the new phone in the same format.

iPhone 7

This app supports transfers from android and iOS phones.


Have a lot of content and not enough time to transfer … We have a solution designed just for you.
You’ll be provided the total transfer time and have the option to transfer only the content that you need now.

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Pair the phones again and restart the process.
Any content previously transferred will be skipped.
Switching between android phones, users can transfer contacts, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs and messages.
iPhone users can transfer contacts, photos and videos.Usage of this application does not incur any mobile data charges.
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