Viber Assistance, world free calls, new apps, gps… | Best Apps and Games 23 July,2019

Viber Assistance, world free calls, new apps, gps…

VIBER Assistance allows you to get assistance worldwide from your mobile phone and also to get direct download of interesting apps for iphone and iPod… to make calls and send text messages for free to your worldwide friends.

The assistance function can help you to call the emergency numbers of Europe countries, USA, Canada, Russia, India, China, Brazil… when you are really in a bad situation in these local areas. It will save your life anytime.

Also, with the Apps that we suggest, you can call, send messages and photos worldwide for free to all users who installed the same app in their mobile. It can even send invitations to your contacts to download the app so that to help them to save also their money.

You make and receive Free calls with HD sound quality, stays always online to receive calls and messages. It’s really a saving money machine.

You can download also other top apps in different categories like Paris eGuides to discover Paris from your hand, receive fresh news worldwide, to make new friends, to loacte any address by GPS and to get discounts when you travel…

Download the app now and get access to the interesting functions, discover the new hot apps and get fresh news regularly from your mobile.

We added GPS localisation function and the conversion units which can the user help anytime.


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