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Video Training for Numbers for iPad

Whether you are a new or existing user of Numbers for iPad, Apple’s powerful yet easy-to-use spreadsheet application, this “Video Training for Numbers for iPad” iPhone/iPad App from Peachpit will help you create professional-looking spreadsheets quickly.

In this Apple-certified guide to Numbers for iPad, master trainer Rich Harrington takes you on a comprehensive tour. Featuring over 40 videos, each dedicated to performing a specific task in Numbers, you’ll learn how to transform your data into organized documents.

You’ll learn to customize existing templates or create documents from scratch, take control of tables and style charts. It’s easy to find exactly the information you want, whether it’s help with the basics, such as learning the touchscreen controls, or more advanced tasks like working with formulas and calculations.

. Learn with Apple-Certified master trainer
. Contains 60 minutes of task-oriented video training


. View full chapters or individual clips
. Bookmark your favorite clips to easily revisit
. Downloadable for offline, self-paced study on the go

Chapter 1: Managing Spreadsheets
1.1 Creating a New Spreadsheet
1.2 Adding and Organizing Sheets
1.3 Managing Your Spreadsheets

Chapter 2: Transferring Files from Your Computer
2.1 Transferring a Spreadsheet from Your Computer with iTunes
2.2 Transferring a Spreadsheet from Your Computer with Email
2.3 Transferring a Spreadsheet with
2.4 Syncing Photo Albums

Chapter 3: Essential Controls
3.1 Getting Familiar with Touchscreen Controls
3.2 Using Toolbar Controls
3.3 Undo and Redo

Chapter 4: Creating Tables
4.1 Adding a Table
4.2 Customizing a Table’s Appearance
4.3 Adjusting Columns and Rows in a Table
4.4 Adjusting Table Cells

Chapter 5: Creating Charts
5.1 Adding a Chart

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5.2 Linking Data to a Chart
5.3 Modifying Data Series in a Chart
5.4 Customizing a Chart’s Appearance

Chapter 6: Working with Forms
6.1 Using a Form
6.2 Converting a Spreadsheet into a Form
6.3 Formatting Cells

Chapter 7: Working with Text
7.1 Replacing Text Placeholders
7.2 Adding a Text Block to a Spreadsheet
7.3 Selecting Text
7.4 Formatting and Aligning Text
7.5 Copying and Pasting Text
7.6 Finding and Replacing Text
7.7 Checking Spelling
7.8 Formatting Text with Styles
7.9 Using an External Keyboard

Chapter 8: Working with Formulas
8.1 Adding a Formula
8.2 Using Calculations
8.3 Using Functions

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8.4 Formatting Cells
8.5 Copying and Pasting Formulas

Chapter 9: Exporting a Spreadsheet
9.1 Choosing Export Formats
9.2 Sending a Spreadsheet by Email
9.3 Syncing Files with Your Computer
9.4 Sharing Spreadsheets with


9.5 Copying a Spreadsheet to Your iDisk
9.6 Printing a Spreadsheet

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