Vijeo Design'Air | Best Apps and Games 14 March,2019

Vijeo Design'Air

Vijeo Design’Air is Schneider Electric’s NEW application for tablets and smartphones! With Vijeo Design’Air, use your tablet or smartphone to remotely connect to a Magelis HMI terminal over a wireless network.

During the design phase in Vijeo Designer, set up the HMI terminal so Vijeo Design’Air can find it on the network. Secure access to the HMI with user authentication during login.

In this configuration, the HMI terminal acts as the server, while the tablet or smartphone acts as the client. The server and client communicate over WiFi , 3G, 4G, or LTE networks.

After establishing the connection, use your tablet or smartphone to remotely interact with the HMI terminal. For example, touch or swipe to start or stop a process or navigate between screens; pinch to zoom in and out of a screen for better viewing.


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Vijeo Design’Air requires Vijeo Designer V6.1 SP2 or later on your HMI targets.

• Target families not supported: XBTGT1000 Series, XBTGT1005 Series, XBTGC Series
• Target color modes not supported: 256 Colors
• Target color mode partially supported: 16 Level Grey Scale with Blink (image quality issue)

Vijeo Design’Air V1.6.0 brings the following improvements:
• Support of a wider range of iPC targets
• Bug fixes

Vijeo Design’Air V1.5.0 brings the following improvements:

iPhone 7 Plus

iPad Air 3

• Improvements to the Favorites view
• Bug fixes

Vijeo Design’Air V1.4.0 brings the following improvements:
XBTGTW Series support
• iPC Series support
• Bug fixes

Vijeo Design’Air V1.3.0 brings the following improvements:
• Separate security rights configurable on server side in HMI
HMISCU Series support
• Bug fixes

Vijeo Design’Air V1.1.1 brings the following improvement:
• iOS 7 support.
• Domain names are now accepted for an HMI target’s IP address.

Vijeo Design’Air V1.1.0 brings the following improvements:

derby county

• Thumbnail images in the discovery tool
• View only mode
XBTGH Series support
• Bug fixes

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