VinylStudio | Best Apps and Games 15 September,2018


Digitise your records and tapes. The easy way to convert your records and tapes to digital format and CD. Includes a full set of sound cleaning filters.

Feature summary:
– record


– split recordings into tracks
– clean up your recordings (declick, dehiss, etc)
– burn audio and MP3 CDs
– save your tracks, properly tagged, in a variety of formats
– look up track listings and album art over the Internet
– integrates with the iTunes music library

You won’t find an easier or more effective way to digitize your audio.

▪ Compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra
▪ VinylStudio can now embed ID3 tags in WAV files as well as the older INFO tag. ID3 tags are read by a wider variety of players (including VLC and Windows Media Player).
▪ VinylStudio now remembers upto 5 custom ‘When saving tracks, name them as’ strings in the Settings / Preferences dialog, allowing you to switch between them quickly and easily if you need to.
▪ If you recorded your album sides in the wrong sequence (typically side 2 and then side 1), you can correct this by dragging the recorded files around in the list in the Record or Split Tracks dialog.
▪ The size of the recording buffer is now configurable from 1 to 60 seconds (in the Recording Options dialog).
▪ Fix error 403 searching Music Brainz. You may still encounter error 503’s at busy times, but if so just retry.
▪ Fix inability to handle some MP3 files containing Unicode ID3 tags
▪ Fix Discogs searches for artists containing a hyphen.
▪ Search the ‘MP3 Downloads’ index in the Amazon databases as well as the existing Music index. This contains more track listings and (usefully) puts in track break markers for you.

MacBook Pro

▪ When normalising, VinylStudio now does not scan the leadin or leadout parts of the recording (provided that you define track breaks first).
▪ VinylStudio can now handle upto 30 album sides per album (up from 20).
▪ You can now add additional albums to your collection while recording.


▪ The rumble filter now has a setting to perform just DC offset correction.
▪ When importing files from an external source, VinylStudio now strips the leading track number from the track name. This is useful when importing tracks previously saved by VinylStudio.
▪ The recording level indicators can now display either dB or percent (linear). The latter is more precise.
▪ When burning an audio CD, VinylStudio now allows you to burn a second, identical, CD more quickly.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

▪ Dropdown lists now position themselves to the nearest matching entry when you start typing. Just press Enter to complete the entry.
▪ Fix crash when printing collection on El Capitan 10.11.1, and various other printing issues.
▪ Fix various issues when running full-screen on El Capitan.
▪ Fixed a problem when saving multiple tracks with the same name to iTunes where the first track was not saved.
▪ Support full-screen operation on Lion and later (not available on Snow Leopard).
▪ A number of other bug fixes and minor improvements,

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