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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

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‘It’s just a brilliant, brilliant thing…You can solo individual instruments, you can have different camera angles, you can see the score, you can hear what the back of the seconds are doing, it’s just mad!’

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– Max Richter in The Guardian

From the creators of the award-winning app, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
Rediscover a classic, only on iPad. The world-famous piece comes to life with incredible detail, insight and two amazing performances. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons tells the story of Vivaldi’s masterpiece with Trevor Pinnock’s cult rendition of Vivaldi’s original, Max Richter’s groundbreaking Recomposed and a wealth of text, audio and video commentary.

Features of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons include:

Two Acclaimed Performances: Listen to all four concertos of the Four Seasons and Recomposed in CD quality; the original performed by Trevor Pinnock and The English Concert, and Recomposed by Daniel Hope, Max Richter and the ensemble l’arte del mondo.

An Immersive Playback Experience: Watch the performances with synchronized score and BeatMap, accompanied by a beautiful visualization of colors as you listen through the performances.

Innovative BeatMap Feature: Discover the acclaimed BeatMap, as seen in the apps Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and The Orchestra – a groundbreaking visualization of the performances that shows different sections of the orchestra pulse in time with the music.

Beautiful Multi-Camera Video: Switch between three simultaneous video perspectives of Daniel Hope and Max Richter performing Recomposed.

Solo Each Instrument: With the touch of a finger, isolate an individual section in the BeatMap of Max Richter’s ensemble, and listen to that instrument playing above the rest of the orchestra.

The Story of The Four Seasons: In this content-packed, interactive and multimedia section, read, listen and watch expert background commentary and audio on Vivaldi, his life, his composition of The Four Seasons and how Max Richter Recomposed it.

Touchpress’ music apps – The Orchestra, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and The Liszt Sonata – have won the Royal Philharmonic Society’s Music Award for Creative Communication.

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