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Voice Polls – Create surveys, get opinions feedback & answers – Easy polling – PRO

Voice Polls PRO is the best way to create surveys and conduct fast and efficient market research. Your Voice Polls pro account already has 50 coins that you can use to promote your surveys to a global panel of respondents and get a large amount of opinions in real-time.

Voice Polls is better, faster and cheaper than Survey Monkey Audience and Google Consumer Surveys.

The app lets you engage in debates with your friends and people all over the world. Instantly see how people feel about any range of topic and weigh in on the discussion! It is beautiful, safe and incredibly fun.

+++With Voice Polls you can+++

• Ask and browse questions and surveys


• Add media to your surveys: pics, youtube videos, Soundcloud tracks, tweets, gifs from Giphy or Google maps.
• Share your surveys and questions on Facebook, Twitter and Google +


• Embed surveys in Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot and Blogger
• Answer questions and surveys to get cash and rewards
• Follow your favorite opinion leaders
• Discover trending polls, topics and debates

iPhone 7

• Vote on the best comments
• Gather insightful survey results
• Get beautiful survey reports in your mailbox

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You have an Apple Watch? Congrats! It means you can now see the results of the most relevant daily polls that run in the app.You will be able to get custom notifications, and check the opinions you are collecting on your last poll at a glance. All from your wrist! Enjoy the watch 🙂

We also added some cool improvements in the app.

Any questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected] Or come say hi on Twitter @app_voice. We’ll share the latest news with you right there or on our website voicepolls.com

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