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Voyage Estimation and Calculation

A vessel doing 14 Knots and consuming 15 tons of Fuel will take three days to cover 1000 Miles consuming about USD 20000 of Fuel.


VOYCAL Ver 11.9.7 is slightly more than that. Measuring just over 10k this app has enough power to compete with the available desk top commercial versions.

A Video has been placed on uTube to assist one in using this app.
the video is located at

It is the scaled down version of the Avocet’s Charter Calculation Desk Top Application .
WIth over 9000 port names and over 8 millions distance calculation , it cover most of the cross ocean passages. If the distance is not known or seems to be incorrect , you can always overwrite the distance with your own table.
It can save your voyage result locally , so you do not have to rely on the Internet for retrieval.

Although it lacks all the features of its desk top Version , we have tried to capture maximum information which can be fitted into the viewport of a mobile phone.

In this App

You can Model different cargo and vessel.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6

Thus the same cargo parcel can be tried using different ship.
Apply differing scenarios and view outcome
Instant estimates with multiple estimate stacking facility for easy evaluation/comparison

iPhone 7s

Configurable bunker price
Ballast bonus cost and address commission

For voyage estimation it is absolute essential to have enough knowledge about the maritime geography with particular regards to distances and loadlines. The built in distances provides you with fairly accurate idea of the major world distances from which you can usually calculate cross voyages.

A shipping industry standard used to calculate the average daily revenue performance of a vessel. Time charter equivalent is calculated by taking voyage revenues, subtracting voyage expense and then dividing the entire total by the round-trip voyage duration in days.

TCE which is a tool to measure period-to-period changes is dynamically displayed at each alternation..

TCE /cBase is conveniently located and the results are highlighted.

This App is optimized for Retina Display and work well in mobile phones and Tablet alike.

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