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Voyager – Proxy Service Beyond VPN

Voyager is a network accelerator and proxy service which allows you access any website or app without geographic restrictions. It is faster, more stable and easier to set up than traditional VPN.

• Original Socks Tunnel technology, guaranteed stability
• Smart identify domestic and foreign sites, assign optimum network speed
• Improve websites load speed of about 5-20 times. Play HD video smoothly


• Works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Dropbox or any other computer software that supports Socks5 or Http

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

• Once set up, always run silently in the background. No extra operation which may disturb daily use


1. Visit, sign up for a free account

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2. Install Voyager for Mac / PC on computer, sign in to your account


3. Set the proxy in your browser, Dropbox or other software you would like to use

For more detailed instructions, please sign in to your account at


Voyager was named after Voyager 1, the space probe launched by NASA in 1977. So far, Voyager 1 is 1.5 billion kilometers away from the Sun. Over the past thirty years, Voyager 1 has been continuously transmitting everything she "saw" in the Space back to the Earth.

We hope that our acceleration technology can help you explore the world freely. To discover different sounds and colors on our planet and be a true voyager.

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